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Radiant Resilience: Overcoming Limitations,
Building Confidence & Embracing Purpose

The Radiant Resilience coaching package is a transformative journey designed to empower you to overcome limitations, build unshakeable confidence, and discover and embrace your true purpose.


Through a carefully crafted series of sessions, together we will navigate the obstacles that have held you back and develop resilience in the face of challenges. This package is focused on fostering a sense of the inner strength and self-assurance you have as a child of God. You will break free from constraints and step confidently into your life of purpose.


With a focus on building Radiant Resilience, you can expect to emerge from this coaching experience equipped with the tools and mindset needed to navigate life's journey with unwavering Godfidence, a clear sense of purpose, and courage to step into your Divine Design.

Faith Builder Strengths Spiritual Assessment Package 

5 part Spiritual Gifts video teaching series - Gain a deeper understanding of your spiritual gifts,

Spiritual Love Language and activate the Fruits of the Spirit. 

DISC Personality Assessment - Discover your Leadership Style 

1 Hour DISC Coaching - Understand how your leadership style can improve workplace teamwork.

1 Personalized Individual FaithBuilder Coaching Call to kickstart your journey.

Membership to my Private Facebook Group.

Spiritual Gifts Assessment - Discover the way God has uniquely designed you

for effective Kingdom impact

2 Personalized Individual FaithBuilder Coaching Calls to kickstart your journey.

Membership to my Private Facebook Group.

$549 Value for $249

Cute Kids Posing Against Wall

Learning How to Connect With Your Child

Just as every child is different, the way we connect with them needs to be also. Explore your parenting style, your child's love language, determine their attachment style, understand sibling dynamics all through a Biblical lens.

Packages vary depending on needs.  Please inquire for pricing.







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